"If I had to describe myself, I am a Jack of all trades, Master of many.

My goal in life is being the best possible version of myself.”


"After receiving a degree in Graphic Design at Appalachian State University, I found myself landing jobs in a variety of artistic fields. I worked as a Pen and Ink Illustrator and a Comic book airbrush artist before landing my first big corporate job at NBC in Raleigh NC. I was hired to produce on-air graphics packages, and later on found myself creating set designs and lighting concepts. After a couple of years, I needed a change of scenery, so I made the jump to United Paramount Network (UPN) in Miami Florida. The first week I was there, I was asked to create a show open for the Miami Heat telecast, as well as the on-air graphics. I was terrified as I only had 22 days to complete that mission. I locked myself into the windowless room and started training myself to use their 3D graphics system. After a multitude of tears, and lots of unladylike profanity, I finished the task at hand. A couple of months later I won an Emmy Award for my efforts. After earning numerous Telly awards, I grew restless of the on-air promotions aspect of television and decided to try my hand at advertising. 

I made the move to Zimmerman and Partners Advertising. I used the skills I learned at NBC and UPN to become their lead 3D animator and Art Director. Hundreds of TV commercials later, I was promoted to Video Director and oversaw the Video departments day to day work. After some time, I once again felt the need to express my creativity in a new way. Once again, It was time for change."

The Blue Ink Story

Blue Ink Productions was originally conceived when Ballew started her Pen and Ink Illustration business back in college. Once she graduated, she became an Airbrush Artist and created Cover Art for a variety of Comic Book titles. Over the past several years, Ballew worked as a Consultant for a variety of Clients producing Logo designs, and helping with Corporate Re-Imaging and Branding of their Product and Services.

Although her artistic mediums have changed over the years from Ink, to paint, to pixels, and most recently metals and more...her company name and vision remains the same. Ballew's goal is to consistantly “Produce Art, Design, and Creative Concepts”, no matter what medium she employs.